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Pianist & Composer

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Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Diego Ramirez loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. Ever since a young age growing up in a talented musical family, Diego Ramirez has found great joy and satisfaction in making music and sharing it with fans and people all over the world. Take a look around the site to get to know Diego and all that he has to offer.

Diego Ramirez is a Mexican jazz pianist and composer.  His recent original compositions, available in both CD and vinyl, are entitled “Sketches of Mexico".  Described as musical paintings of Mexico, the album is a tribute to Diego's homeland and represents the richness and variety of Mexico's culture.  Diego combines traditional jazz with Mexican melodies, harmonies and rhythms, resulting in his own unique beautiful sound.  For this album DIEGO WAS HONORED WITH TWO NOMINATIONS FROM THE INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS, ONE FOR BEST JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM AND THE OTHER FOR BEST TRIBUTE ALBUM. There were only five nominees in each category from hundreds of submittals out of 119 countries from around the world, so Diego was very grateful to be recognized.  

DIEGO'S LAST ORIGINAL PIANO CD "EL ULTIMO CHILAM BALAM" WAS NAMED BEST JAZZ ALBUM BY THE LA MUSIC AWARDS, and it featured his Mayan jazz pieces. Together both albums are important musical, historical and cultural expressions of Mexico that include universal themes.  Diego has also released other recordings featuring classic piano jazz, "Jazzonia" and "Ramirez Plays Legrand".  

Diego has vast performing experience in jazz festivals (Portland, LigaMAC, San Jose Jazz Weekend, Playa del Carmen Concert, LifeLuxeJazz); international tours; jazz clubs throughout the States, Europe and Mexico; as well as in restaurants, hotels, and local gigs in his hometown, Los Cabos.  He performs solo, with groups (such as his trio with Fernando Caballero & Juan Ramos for his new CD Sketches of Mexico), and often with the fabulous vocalist Daline Jones with whom he has several beautiful recordings, as well as with other performers.  

Diego studied classical music at Mexico City's prestigious National Conservatory of Music for 10 years before branching out into jazz.  Diego’s piano and classical music teachers include Maestra Irina Lieberman from Czechoslovakia, Maestros Jose Luis Arcaraz, Guillermo Salvador, Christina de la Vega, Adrian Grand and jazz/harmony with Juan Millan.  Diego's music and compositions are influenced by his admiration for Mexican classical composers Silvestre Revueltas, Manuel M. Ponce, and Carlos Chavez.  He was also influenced by improvisational musicians such as Miles Davis and by Leonard Bernstein.  

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Diego's Latest Music: Sketches of Mexico, Nominated for Best Jazz Instrumental Album and Best Tribute Album by the Independent Music Awards

A Story Steeped in Sound

Diego Ramirez is honored to be nominated by the IMAs for his recent compositions out of hundreds of submittals from 119  countries around the world. 

Pianist Diego Ramirez presents his recent compositions in the 2018 release "Sketches of Mexico". The album can be described as musical paintings of Mexico. Diego is pleased to have such experienced and talented musicians as Fernando Caballero, drummer, and Juan Ramos, upright bass, accompany him. Diego studied classical music at Mexico City’s prestigious National Conservatory of Music for 10 years before branching out into jazz. Now he brings many elements of his career together, Mexican themes, Latin rhythms, jazz improvisation and his classical background, in this tribute to his homeland. For example "3 Eras of Mexico: Autocton Era, The Spanish Conquest, The Modern Era" is a serious, historical composition written in three movements in a classical tradition. Whereas "Jojo" is jazz. "El Negro Sambuca" is great fun. And "El Nido" and "Hurricane Odile" are both very visual. Diego is also proud to dedicate a song to his daughter in the piece, “El Papalote de Quetzalli" (Quetzalli's kite). Please enjoy “Sketches of Mexico”. It is certainly a tribute to the variety and rich culture of Mexico.  Muchas Gracias.

To sample "Sketches of Mexico" please hit the button Listen and enjoy! 


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To purchase a digital download of any of Diego's CDs, please go to Amazon:

You can also purchase downloads of Diego's music at either iTunes or Spotify.  Because of the coronavirus and closed warehouses, at this time none of the sites have hard copies.  If you wish to purchase a hard copy of Diego's CD or a vinyl copy, which we highly rrecommend, please contact:  Thank You and Enjoy!!  .

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But first, a surprise

Categories: Flavor of Festival

The solo piano set offered up by Diego Ramirez was spectacular, and lived up to all of Herr Director's hype...

His pianistic brilliance and staggering creative energy was a joy to behold. He presented tunes by Monk and Herbie Hancock, a couple of standards (including a brief tear through "On A Clear Day..." as an encore) plus a number of original compositions, one for each of his two daughters, one for a former girlfriend, and most memorably a fantastic work-in-progress depicting three eras in Mexican cultural history, making use of traditional Mayan music, in addition to Spanish and contemporary elements.”  

“demonstrated impeccable technique, a broad emotional and dynamic range, and an understanding of the jazz tradition.”   In reference to Diego Ramirez’s composition “Eras”,   “From its tumultuous beginning to the more lamenting finish, it best demonstrated Ramirez’s ability to traverse considerable territory, from a delicate touch to great power.”.  February 25, 2007 By John Kelman, From All About Jazz online.  

“Solo Pianist Diego Ramirez played his U.S. debut and simply mesmerized the audience. His skill and composing abilities are exciting and extraordinary, and full of passion. You'll be a lot hearing more from this young man.”  Jazz USA online 

“A remarkable young pianist…..His performance not only overwhelmed the audience, but Ms. (Regina) Carter invited him to join her on stage for an impromptu duet which turned into a late night jam session.”  from Portland Jazz Festival 

From the Seattle Times, ENTERTAINMENT & THE ARTS:

Portland's festival filled with fantastic concerts

By Paul de Barros

Seattle Times jazz critic

The festival introduced another new face in pianist Diego Ramirez, a self-taught virtuoso from Mexico who opened Allen's set with tempestuous improvisations driven by Mexican rhythms.

It's hard to tell who was happier: the audience, for hearing the U.S. debut of someone who so clearly has a bright future ahead of him, or Ramirez, for being there.  Posted by Luciana Lopez Categories: Portland Jazz Festival, Top Stories

Vibrato Grill Jazz ... etc.

2930 Beverly Glen Circle, Bel Air, CA 90077 - Phone 310.474.9400

Diego Ramirez is an exciting young jazz pianist and composer from Mexico.†  His latest CD, “The Last Chilam-Balam” is a style he calls Mayan jazz, which incorporates sounds from his heritage.† 

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Want to learn more about Diego Ramirez, his music, his weekly gigs and tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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